A Boutique Creative Agency

It will take 6 days to tell!
Our standard response when we are asked
what inspired the name. We’re kidding of course.
But, really, the standard question to us is
“do you work 6 days?”
And it makes a good start to a fruitful conversation.

SIXDAYS was inspired by the Almighty creator
who made every single being and living thing
with a purpose in this world. To bring balance and harmony
in the world and we, humans, are gifted with
the power of imagination to create.

Founded by Yeat Low in 2002,
we began as a graphic and product design company.
We are grateful for opportunities from numerous clients
that has provided us learning curves through the years.
Today, we are a multi-disciplinary agency
with expertise in branding, prints, publications,
environmental graphics and product design.
We understand how to best bring your
message across through relevant channels.

We may work for six days
but we work with our FIVE senses
to observe, listen, exchange ideas and
experiment on unconventional ways to
build and/ or promote a brand’s image and message.
And to us, that means always creating new ideas
and not simply giving the same content a new look.