Rise & Shine
CNY 2017

Packaging, Red Packets, Calendar

Takeo’s annual Greeting Pack is its signature gift purposed to showcase the potential of paper in creative arts. To welcome 2017’s Rooster year, the collaboration with SIXDAYS yielded a bento box pack themed “Food for the Soul”. It tells the age old story of Chicken or Egg? through its diverse types of paper. The pattern on the packaging was inspired by the chicken’s bamboo cage as the calendar highlights positive characters of a rooster to inspire us to be bold and act for our dreams! Die-cutting best illustrates the transformation of the egg to its majestic rooster form, and vice versa, complemented with a shade of classy rose gold.

A series of 3, a non-traditional golden orange “red packets” utilises the art of folding instead of typical glue adhesive, presenting a stylish and premium look. A play on paper clarity was achieved by creating hidden messages of Courage, Early Bird and Persistence that are unveiled upon light shining behind the paper.